Web Product Engineer

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Hi, my name is Volkan. I like to solve interaction and user experience problems and develop new interfaces/web applications with javascript programming. I have 7 years of javascript programming background, from object oriented and vanilla javascript to famous frameworks such as react.js, express, mongo.db and backend programming with node.js. Feel free to view some bitbucket, githubsource codes i developed recently.

I've been working with international and local start-ups and digital agencies for 9 years as front-end developer, ui/ux developer. Depending on the projects i create wireframes and prototypes of the product and iterate this process in order to reach the functional and simple user interface with considering feedbacks, product strategy and personas all the time in the mind. Thus user experience is the main focus of my engineering processes.

In my free time, I ride my bike or dance tango. Feel free tocontact me


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Contact me:

: me (@) volkanongun.com